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Those close to you will help you relax and will even offer you good tips to solve the issues that are bothering you, provided you communicate openly with them and tell them your issues. Your social life can bring you fulfillment during the Earth Pig Year , especially if you let your native curiosity run free and try new things.

A new hobby can make you join new circles, where you have the opportunity to make new friends. Moreover, your new acquaintances can play an important role in your life in the future.

Ox Combinations

You can try new things in your personal life and, in fact, it is recommended to do so during the Earth Pig Year of You can count on the support of your relatives and friends, and the new relationships you establish during this year can soon prove to be very valuable. In , the Snake natives are compatible with the Ox and Rooster natives.

Top 10 Reasons Why Pisces is the Best Zodiac Sign

They are going to have a perfect relationship both for marriage and in business. Understanding and trust will prevail. These unions are successful. Physically, the Snake natives are doing fine right from the start of the Chinese New Year They are full of energy.

Chinese Zodiac: 12 Animal Signs, Calculator, Origin, App

However, it is not excluded to go through mild depressive states and transient anxiety. These can even lead to some episodes of insomnia. The Snake natives need to stay in the sun as much as possible and to spend time outdoors. A physical occupation such as gardening, sport or cycling can be very helpful for getting rid of excess energy, maintaining mental balance, and enjoying a restful sleep. Towards the end of , the tense situations that occur due to overstress will manifest as aches with latent effects at the level of the internal organs especially those with a vital role. Furthermore, because the natives hardly ever allow their brain to rest, they are going to face an increasingly evident proneness to mental disorders.

12222 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Rabbit

In , the weak spot regarding infectious affections is represented by the neck area, the Snake native being very exposed to affections of the nape, neck and other parts in this area. Gold will bring you luck. Also, white and black clothes, accessorized with brown elements. Place crystal or white objects in the north-west side of your workplace. Also, Feng Shui snakes and trees can be reliable allies for your spiritual and material evolution.

Chinese Astrology: Introduction

The Feng Shui trees with coins attract luck, love, prosperity, and peace in the house and they are usually placed in the living room or in front of the house. This way, you can facilitate the balance and the intensity of the Yang energy in the house. Ensure positive energy to attract love and prosperity by visibly placing the Golden Snake on the Abundance Sack in the house or at the office. Most of the time, such a statue is placed in the south-east area of the house or office. Your astrology sign impacts everything about you, from the way you view the world to the people you love and the career you choose.

Your zodiac sign is you! By understanding your zodiac sign, you can gain a deeper awareness of your own personality and tendencies.

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This can help you showcase your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Take a look at the 12 astrology signs below. Find the sign that falls on your birthday, then click to learn what makes your sign special and unique.

Rising Signs for the Chinese Zodiac

Each report contains fascinating information, including:. A summary about your astrology sign Your leadership tendencies Your career strengths and weaknesses Your romantic and relationship tendencies How your sign affects your gender The tendencies of children born under this sign.

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We suggest taking your time as you read the report so that you have the space to reflect upon the information. You may even want to review it more than once or come back to it again later to dig for more hidden gems in the content.

Remember that these horoscopes only take the Sun sign into account, and since your Sun sign is only one layer of your complex personality. Plus, each of the astrology signs is home to a huge range of people, so not every part of the report will exactly reflect your individual personality and life. We suggest that you find and focus on the parts of the report that feel the most true to you. This is the information that can give you the most wisdom about yourself.

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