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Saturn in Capricorn and Conjunct Vega

Yes, thank you, this is great! Interpretation is key here.

How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #1

And then there is Chiron. Thank you so much for this post! Would it be possible for you to do a tutorial on reading a complete natal chart? Or about astro. Thanks again! Thank you for the article! I have a quick question. Are the houses supposed to be different in the transit chart versus your personal the natal chart? Thanks so much! You really helped clarify.

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I would be most grateful if you could explain one thing. This is because most astrologers do Sun sign horoscopes. In Sun sign astrology, the first house is the sign where you have your Sun. But if you do, I would advise to listen to the horoscopes for your Ascendant sign. If you use Placidus, you can simply keep the default house option in astro. I hope it helps. The constellations are not the same size in the sky. Some occupy more degrees of the ecliptic than others.

So one method divides the ecliptic based on an even distribution and another method divides the houses based on the actual percentage of the ecliptic the constellation occupies. I am taking online astrology classes but my instructor do not explain these things and expect us to learn it, and you are really clear in your explaining, how much to thank you,,god bless….

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How To Read Transits In Your Natal Chart – Step By Step Instructions -

I want to know how, if at all, the effects of transits are different from the affects of stars in our natal charts. Thank you for your contribution to the society! Thank you! Oct 10 is the date of the transit. It shows up automatically, depending on the date you select.

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  7. So if you want to calculate the transits for April 23, then you select this date and this date will also show up in the chart, with the red text. Skip to content Astrology can be confusing and overwhelming.

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    On the astro. Put your name down and the birth details: birthday, time of birth, country, and birth town as shown below: 5. This is the Jupiter transit. In the example below, Moon transits the 7 th house. Kylie, Australia January 13, Faith's reading was exactly what I needed at a difficult junction of my life. I found the way she explained the more complicated parts of astrology very clear and I love the way she uses analogies to make concepts come alive. Having it on MP3 was also nice as I can listen to it whenever I like.

    Thank you Faith for opening the door to astrology to me. Lauren Bolton, England January 21, I love the reading you gave me. It's by far the most thorough reading I've ever had and completely accurate I will recommend your readings to everyone I know who wants one. You're very good, and very kind about how you approach the harder parts That's how I know you're good.

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    You didn't run away from telling me the truth about what you see. Judith Foster, United States February 11, I was looking forward to this reading, and I wasn't disappointed. You really touched on so many important things, and you helped me understand my chart a lot better Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll be ordering another reading very soon! Hayley, United States May 7, Thank you so much for your reading!

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    It was tremendously insightful and packed with useful information about myself as a person and about the challenges I'm currently facing You mentioned some pervasive issues in my life clearly and elegantly and helped me improve my understanding of their dynamics Thank you again for your very professional, sensitive and comprehensive reading! Andra, Germany May 7, I just listened to your reading and thoroughly enjoyed it I could definitely relate to the dynamics as you describe them.

    Your interpretation was pretty amazing - considering we have never met - it was as though you knew me, which of course you do You made so much sense, and I deeply appreciate you pointing out the solutions Thank you again for your incisive insight Faith Since this event happens in a special zone of Scorpio afforded to Mercury by the Egyptians—known as terms or bounds—this gives all things Mercurial communications, local travel, commerce a temporary boost of power or protection.

    We have the chance to zoom into the very heart of something and witness it in a way seldom possible.

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    In ancient times, the metaphor was a visit to the throne room of the King or Queen. Gary P. Caton is a transdisciplinary astrologer who maintains an active sacred relationship with the living Sky as his temple. Find Gary online at DreamAstrologer. With this definition in mind, these five transits are slated to be the most magical of