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3 Songs That Define Your Zodiac Sign

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Home Chinese Bone Weight Astrology. Bone Weight Chart and Songs Is bone weight astrology accurate? Bones weighing is one of the Chinese traditional methods of fortune telling. By weighing the bones of people based on Ba Zi , i. Select your gender, date of birth and time of birth, the bone weight calculator will help you do the calculations and provide the detailed readings to you. Gender Male Female. Date of Birth Gregorian Date Year Time of Birth 12 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 AM PM. Please input your birthday correctly!

The Song Of 2017 That Best Represents Each Zodiac Sign

Since people's birth year, month, date and hour vary while the weight of different year, month, date and hour also varies, the bone weighing fortune-telling is calculated as follows: add the values of bone weight for your birth year, month, date and hour together to get the total bones weight. Then, check the "Songs on Weighing Bones" to read the analysis of your astrology. If you were born between 11 and 12 p. If you were born in the first half of a leap month, your birth month is considered to be the current month and if you were born in the second half, it is considered to be the next month.

For example, for the birth date of leap May 14, the birth month is considered to be May while the birth date of leap May 16, the birth month is considered to be June. Add the four weight together 1.

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If you want calculate your bone weight manually, you can check the bone weight chart to calculate. In the Bone Weighing Astrology Song by Yuan Tiangang, the birth year, month, date and hour correspond to specific weight, and they are added together to get the total bone weight; there are 52 types of different destiny specific to the total bone weight.

Fun fact: while Sagittarian women are pretty consistently bad bitches, Sag men are devils, only second to Scorpios. Finally, Taurus! The second best sign of the zodiac!

The second best Earth sign! As one of the most grounded, loyal, and trustworthy signs, Taureans are charismatic, self-aware, and love a good, sensible turn up. And they not-so-subtly demand the same of everyone who crosses their paths, too.

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No bias all bias , but Capricorns are the best sign. Incomparable work ethic, unwavering loyalty, endlessly witty, emotional intelligence on ten — what more could you ask for? We find the most joy in being around and among our people read: our chosen family, our friends, the geography we come from , and are nothing if not the life—and resident rallying parent—of the squadron.

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Contrary to popular belief, Geminis are not the worst sign of the zodiac. The only sign to give Leos a run for their money, in terms of vanity, are Libras. They need a lot of compliments, sure, but they deserve them. Probably so. The airiest of all Air signs, Aquarians are almost permanently in a dreamscape of their own making. As a sign that has difficulty with compartmentalization and sustained intimacy, Aquarians are susceptible to harboring resentment.

Everything is often too much too much, too much, too much , but a determined Aquarian tries hard to overcome their impulse to shut down and escape, instead choosing honest self-improvement. Ah, the most childlike sign of the zodiac — never come between a Cancer and their Peter Pan complex. In their lucid moments though, Cancers are incredibly clear-headed and have a deep desire to exist in worlds unknown, far beyond the scope of societal norms or obligations. Keep that same energy all the time, Cancer, and the world is yours.

Ding ding ding, reader, you got a Scorpio. Scorpio men, mostly, but the women too, should they go unchecked. Intelligent, but chooses to coast off a facade of a come-as-you-are attitude.

If Zodiac Signs Had Theme Songs

Wants to be chill; is anything but. Manipulative and superficial.