11 february birthday astrology

You spend considerable time and effort on the person you love. Your lovers become the center of your lives. However, you do not keep anyone relationship for long.

You tend to get bored easily, and so you move on to your next conquest. Indeed, you like making new discoveries! This means that you will have many partners in the course of your life. But, all your partners have certain common traits. They are attractive, imaginative, and tolerant.

12th February

Partners with these qualities are well equipped to keep up with your lifestyle. You can form very stable relationships with an Aquarius, a Libra, and a Gemini. You have the same love for freedom with people born under these air signs. Also, you share the same kinds of eccentricities.

This means that you are highly compatible. Your relationship will be stronger if your partner was born on the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 23rd, 25th or 31st. Your astrological charts show that you are least compatible with a person born under the Scorpio sign. You would want to keep off a relationship with them. You have been warned: the affair may not end well! The February 9 zodiac people are known for their humanitarian efforts. Though they are relatively shy, they go out of their ways to understand the needs of people close to them.

Birthday Compatibility (zodiac)

You use your creativity to mitigate the suffering in your society. This has made you a valuable asset in your community. Humanitarian at heart, you are constantly looking for noble causes to pursue. You serve humanity with dignity, choosing to treat all with the respect they deserve.

People know that you do not mince your words. You say exactly what needs to be said; when it needs to be said. As such, you have earned much respect. In fact, people turn to your whenever an honest opinion is called for. The good thing is that you never disappoint! Be keen about the few flaws in your personality. The charts indicate that you have to take care of them; otherwise, they will mar your reputation.

February 11 Birthday Astrology

For example, you have a rebellious streak. This could put you into conflict with well-meaning people. Learn to embrace the suggestions and contributions of others.

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They, too, matter in your life! All in all, you are a cut above the rest. Your contribution to humanity cannot go unnoticed. Also, you see things with fresh eyes. As such, you can provide solutions that others think inconceivable. The February 9 zodiac people are in the 2md decan of Aquarius.

This decan caters to those born between February 1 and February 9.

As such, you receive a lot of influence from planet Mercury. This decan is characterized by natives who are resourceful and generous. In other words, you embody the spirit of a true Aquarius. People find you a pleasure to be with. You are adept at using your creativity and charm to enliven any room. This means that you prefer a win-win solution instead of compromise. Everyone walks away with what is best for them. Those born on February 9 are responsible, affectionate, compassionate, and a bit mysterious. You stand for innovation and the progress of humanity.

Although you are a bit shy, you have a liking for other people. You care about their feeling. You value what they consider important. This means that you can make a good political organizer, lobbyist, unionist, and scientist. Silver is the magic color of people born on February 9. Sign Out. Sign Up or Sign In no password required. Send code to my email: required. Check your email for your code. Validation Code Submitted.


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